Reviewing the Omron M7 Intelli IT

At around £84.99 the Omron M7 Intelli IT is not the cheapest, but it does boast some helpful features.

(Update: Currently on offer with Amazon at £57.35)

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The stand out feature for me is the Omron Connect app that syncs my measurements between the device and my iPhone, even putting the data into the Apple Health app. Android is also supported. This gives me the little charts I so love.

Another smart thing it does is provide an average reading based on 3 measurements.

The other feature I love is the “Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology” – that’s geek-speak for telling you if you’ve got the cuff on properly or not.  The little indicator will tell you.

When you take a measurement it will also alert you if an irregular heartbeat is detected, which is both deeply frightening and yet reassuring at the same time.

As the cuff inflates you can see on the display everything that is happening. It’s clear to read and easy to understand.

I really like the little lights next to the SYS and DIA labels. My systolic pressure is fine, but I have raised diastolic pressure – which is clearly indicated by the little amber light. This goes red if your blood pressure goes into the ‘high’ category.

After a moment or two the data is beamed via Bluetooth to my phone and safely stored away for another day. It’s going to be exciting to see my blood pressure come down as I lose the weight.

Recommended or Not?

Yes. This is a worthwhile investment. It’s a sturdy machine from a well-known manufacturer. There is support for 2 users (plus guest users if you press some other buttons). They’ve included a carry case and a pretty little tracking card. However, there is no 9V AC adaptor included with the box – though the 4 x AA Duracells they pack are a good set that will last a while.



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